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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cconcurrent Manager cleaning scripts

SELECT  concurrent_queue_name manager,
concurrent_process_id pid,
process_status_code pscode
FROM    fnd_concurrent_queues fcq, fnd_concurrent_processes fcp
WHERE   fcq.concurrent_queue_id = fcp.concurrent_queue_id
AND     fcq.application_id = fcp.queue_application_id
AND     process_status_code not in ('K', 'S')
AND     concurrent_queue_id=;

If it returen something

UPDATE fnd_concurrent_queues
SET control_code = NULL
WHERE control_code not in ('E', 'R', 'X')
AND control_code IS NOT NULL
AND     concurrent_queue_id=

select * from fnd_concurrent_processes where concurrent_queue_id=;

no rows selected

UPDATE fnd_concurrent_queues
SET running_processes = 0, max_processes = 0 where concurrent_queue_id=;

1 row updated.

SELECT concurrent_queue_name manager,
control_code ccode
FROM fnd_concurrent_queues
WHERE control_code not in ('E', 'R', 'X')
AND control_code IS NOT NULL AND concurrent_queue_id=;

no rows selected

SELECT concurrent_queue_name manager,control_code ccode FROM fnd_concurrent_queues where concurrent_queue_id= ;

MANAGER                        C
------------------------------ -

1 row selected.

UPDATE fnd_concurrent_queues SET target_node = null where  concurrent_queue_id=;

1 row updated.


Commit complete.

Running concurrent requests in Oracle Apps EBS (11i,R12)

Set Pages 1000
Set head on
Column Manager   Format A12
Column Request   Format 999999999
Column Program   Format A30
Column User_Name Format A15
Column Started   Format A15
Column OSprocess Format A9
Column SPID      Format A9
Column LocalProcess Format A9
prompt Managers that are currently running a request;
prompt ;
Select /*+ RULE */ substr(Concurrent_Queue_Name,1,12) Manager,
       Request_Id Request, User_name,
       Fpro.OS_PROCESS_ID OSprocess,
      fcr.oracle_process_id LocalProcess,
       substr(Concurrent_Program_Name,1,35) Program, Status_code,
       To_Char(Actual_Start_Date, 'DD-MON-YY HH24:MI') Started
  from apps.Fnd_Concurrent_Queues Fcq, apps.Fnd_Concurrent_Requests Fcr,
      apps.Fnd_Concurrent_Programs Fcp, apps.Fnd_User Fu, apps.Fnd_Concurrent_Processes Fpro
       Phase_Code = 'R' And
       Status_Code <> 'W' And
       Fcr.Controlling_Manager = Concurrent_Process_Id       And
      (Fcq.Concurrent_Queue_Id = Fpro.Concurrent_Queue_Id    And
       Fcq.Application_Id      = Fpro.Queue_Application_Id ) And
      (Fcr.Concurrent_Program_Id = Fcp.Concurrent_Program_Id And
       Fcr.Program_Application_Id = Fcp.Application_Id )     And
       Fcr.Requested_By = User_Id
       order by Started

Concurrent request details

set line 300
set pages 200
select r.request_id, s.inst_id,s.sid, s.serial#, s.status,
 substr(r.oracle_process_id, 1, 13) "REQUEST OS",
 r.status_code,r.phase_code, substr(fp.OS_PROCESS_ID, 1, 13) "CM OS ID"
from apps.fnd_concurrent_requests r,
 apps.fnd_concurrent_processes fp,
 gv$session s,
 gv$process p
where r.controlling_manager = fp.concurrent_process_id and
 r.oracle_process_id = p.spid and
 s.inst_id = p.inst_id and
 p.addr = s.paddr and
 r.request_id in (&reqid) order by r.request_id;

Oracle Database Tablespace status

SET lines 202 pages 99 feedback off
COLUMN tablespace_name        format a25             heading 'Tablespace|(TBS)|Name'
COLUMN autoextensible         format a6              heading 'Can|Auto|Extend'
COLUMN files_in_tablespace    format 999             heading 'Files|In|TBS'
COLUMN total_tablespace_space format 99,999,999,999 heading 'Total|Current|TBS|Space'
COLUMN total_used_space       format 99,999,999,999 heading 'Total|Current|Used|Space'
COLUMN total_tablespace_free_space format 99,999,999,999 heading 'Total|Current|Free|Space'
COLUMN total_used_pct              format 999.99      heading 'Total|Current|Used|PCT'
COLUMN total_free_pct              format 999.99      heading 'Total|Current|Free|PCT'
COLUMN max_size_of_tablespace      format 99,999,999,999 heading 'TBS|Max|Size'
COLUMN total_auto_used_pct         format 999.99      heading 'Total|Max|Used|PCT'
COLUMN total_auto_free_pct         format 999.99      heading 'Total|Max|Free|PCT'

TTITLE left _date center Tablespace Space Utilization Status Report skip 2

WITH tbs_auto AS
     (SELECT DISTINCT tablespace_name, autoextensible
                 FROM dba_data_files
                WHERE autoextensible = 'YES'),
     files AS
     (SELECT   tablespace_name, COUNT (*) tbs_files,
               SUM (BYTES) total_tbs_bytes
          FROM dba_data_files
      GROUP BY tablespace_name),
     fragments AS
     (SELECT   tablespace_name, COUNT (*) tbs_fragments,
               SUM (BYTES) total_tbs_free_bytes,
               MAX (BYTES) max_free_chunk_bytes
          FROM dba_free_space
      GROUP BY tablespace_name),
     (SELECT   tablespace_name, SUM (size_to_grow) total_growth_tbs
          FROM (SELECT   tablespace_name, SUM (maxbytes) size_to_grow
                    FROM dba_data_files
                   WHERE autoextensible = 'YES'
                GROUP BY tablespace_name
                SELECT   tablespace_name, SUM (BYTES) size_to_grow
                    FROM dba_data_files
                   WHERE autoextensible = 'NO'
                GROUP BY tablespace_name)
      GROUP BY tablespace_name)
SELECT a.tablespace_name,
       CASE tbs_auto.autoextensible
          WHEN 'YES'
             THEN 'YES'
          ELSE 'NO'
       END AS autoextensible,
       files.tbs_files files_in_tablespace,
       files.total_tbs_bytes/1024/1024 total_tablespace_space,
       (files.total_tbs_bytes - fragments.total_tbs_free_bytes
       )/1024/1024 total_used_space,
       fragments.total_tbs_free_bytes/1024/1024 total_tablespace_free_space,
       (  (  (files.total_tbs_bytes - fragments.total_tbs_free_bytes)
           / files.total_tbs_bytes
        * 100
       ) total_used_pct,
       ((fragments.total_tbs_free_bytes / files.total_tbs_bytes) * 100
       ) total_free_pct,
       AUTOEXTEND.total_growth_tbs/1024/1024 max_size_of_tablespace,
       (  (  (  AUTOEXTEND.total_growth_tbs
              - (AUTOEXTEND.total_growth_tbs - fragments.total_tbs_free_bytes
           / AUTOEXTEND.total_growth_tbs
        * 100
       ) total_auto_used_pct,
       (  (  (AUTOEXTEND.total_growth_tbs - fragments.total_tbs_free_bytes)
           / AUTOEXTEND.total_growth_tbs
        * 100
       ) total_auto_free_pct
  FROM dba_tablespaces a, files, fragments, AUTOEXTEND, tbs_auto
 WHERE a.tablespace_name = files.tablespace_name
   AND a.tablespace_name = fragments.tablespace_name
   AND a.tablespace_name = AUTOEXTEND.tablespace_name
   AND a.tablespace_name = tbs_auto.tablespace_name(+);